Feedback: Bulk create workflows


as stated in the changelog (Atlassian developer changelog) we are required to update to this new API endpoints to bulk create workflows:

The docs define, that all workflows include layout position information and properties on statuses, that we do not know and don’t need to know to create a working workflow. I cannot find more documentation to properties on statuses.
Are some of the fields not really required or could you improve your endpoints API to make layouting of the workflow graph not necessary?

Transitions are defined with IDs. What shape must these IDs have for creating them?

The documentation suggests but does not clearly say, that it is possible to create all required statuses on the fly for all defined workflows. Is this possible? If so, why is statusReference required? What is the statusReference to create the status?
If it would work that way it would be make our implementation a lot easier to provide customers with our required workflows and statuses with out-of-the-box experience.

Ok I found out by myself, that statusReference is a self-defined UUID which is unique across the request. The documentation is not clear to this.

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