Fetching confluence pages from Jira plugin

Hi there,

Is it possible to fetch the contents of a confluence page and render it in a custom JIRA plugin page?

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If by “custom JIRA plugin page” you mean a page from a Forge app (like a global or project page), then yes, it is possible to build a cross-product Forge app. As a starting point, I’d recommend that you check this blog post that discusses how to build one and includes a link to the code repo (if you work best looking at working code, like me :smiley: ).

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I recommend reading the whole answer in the FAQ about cross-product apps:


Specifically, it confirms @iragudo answer but also explains, “the Marketplace doesn’t currently support cross-product apps…” In other words, apps for yourself or your organization are fine but you won’t be able to distribute or sell the through the Atlassian Marketplace.