Field is missing in data.card when getting card actions

Hi! I am using trello api to retrieve card actions. No matter which route i am using (/1/cards/:card_id/actions, /1/actions/:action_id, /1/actions/:action_id/data) updated field is missing in data.card. I am getting "{ old: { desc: ""}, "card":{"id":"640ee74553a019b6e8d38d15","name":"card created on second","idShort":5,"shortLink":"oWV7on9I"}" - desc field is present only in old field, but not in card. Such a behavior occurs only when that particular action is performed on some another board. I have access to both boards and it is weird that updated desc is missing. How can I get full action data, no matter which board was card placed on the moment of an action?