FieldTextArea and Date/Time Picker components missing onFocus and onBlur

As per the title, would it be possible to include onFocus and onBlur props to the FieldTextArea and all 3 DateTime-Picker components (DatePicker, TimePicker and DateTimePicker), so they function in a similar way to the TextField component please.

It may be that work is already underway to implement these handlers, but based on the below docs they aren’t showing up currently as available.

It also appears that shouldFitContainer does not work as documented where it says that “it will not be horizontally resizable” it is preventing being resized bigger, but when resized smaller horizontally see below:


The expander icon and horizontal size have been compacted even though the grey perimeter for the component remains at the fixed width as expected.

The DateTime associated components do not appear to have an expected isInvalid prop either, is this being added to an unreleased version currently?