Figma UI kits or equivalent for the Forge components? #codegeist #2021 #design

Hi! I just joined the Codegeist challenge today, and am very excited to explore Forge and this dev community.

I was wondering, are there any Figma kits we could use to prototype or wireframe our ideas? Would be helpful to visualize before I begin coding.

@CarrieMamantov @srusonis


Hi @MagusPereira

Atlassian is providing design resources for Figma at Figma - @atlassian . They are not specifically for UI Kit, but since it follows the Atlassian design guidelines, you should be good to use them anyway.


Thanks @tobitheo! Will check it out :+1:

Thank you for bringing up a good question @MagusPereira! I can’t do better than @tobitheo response… but I am making a note to spread the word on this one for others thinking about planning before building. Good luck on the competition!

If you’re still thinking about your category as part of your planning, maybe this discussion will also get the ideas going. 20 Jul 2021 - Have you chosen your Codegeist category yet?