Fill openCreateIssueDialog with a linked issue

Hey guys,

I was wondering how can I pre-fill linked issue field with openCreateIssueDialog method. I know there is a second argument containing fields key, where it should be, but I tried multiple ways - passing string, passing stringified array with one string, passing stringified array with object (variety of key sets - from key,value to the whole issue object which comes from the backend on opening issues list). I’m using issuelinks-issues key (also tried issues, issuelinks).

From time to time I’m also having problems with setting issuelinks-linktype field - it usually ends up with selecting the first one. Weird part is that it sometimes works…

Any ideas? Thanks!


@dmorrow, maybe you can get some example from Jira dev team (if it is supposed to work)?


@kkercz, maybe you can help us here with an example or just a short answer that it is not possible?

I haven’t tested it, but looking at the code, something like this might work:

    pid: 10000,
    issueType: 2,
    fields :{
        "isCreateIssue": true,
        "issuelinks-linktype": "Name of the link type",
        "issuelinks-issues": "linked issue key"
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@kkercz thanks, but unfortunately that doesn’t work :confused:

Do you, by any chance, have any other ideas? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not. We must accept that it’s not possible then. I would suggest creating a feature request in the ACJIRA project.

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