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I have a small suggestion for improvement of the Developer Console. It would be great if you could filter by level under Monitoring > Logs. Especially the Error level is interesting. At least for us, the info messages are used to better find out the cause of errors.

Our app is fresh on the marketplace and we would like to keep an eye on it.


Hi @StefanWienstrer ! Thanks for the suggestion. My peers are working on this and it can be tracked in this trello card.


Hello @StefanWienstrer, we have released a new Log experience in Preview. Please do try it out and let us know your feedback.

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@reddy1 That’s great! What’s the best way to test the preview?

@StefanWienstrer The preview has been enabled for all apps that were deployed after Dec 2022. Since you indicated that the app is fresh on the Marketplace in July, you should be seeing the new interface.

If you are not seeing the new UI, please share your app ID and I’ll check if we can enable it for you.


Hello @reddy1 ,

Perhaps this is because the app itself is older and was only released on the marketplace this year. Our app ID is: eb6c047c-ec30-4f9b-88c2-d44d8000ba50

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We’ll be rolling the new experience to all apps by the end of Feb.

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Hi @reddy1,

we are heavily waiting for the new log experience. If you do this step-by-step, is it possible be under the first apps to be rolled-out?

AppId: 07d43b33-e1c4-4dae-9931-b8632d7908f5

Thanks in advance,