Filter for tasks : UpdatedDate > lastViewed

Hello, i want to create a filter to find tasks that have been updated and i where i didnt see the update (comments or something like that).
I tried to create a JQL : assignee = currentUser() AND resolution = Unresolved AND lastViewed < updatedDate ORDER BY updated DESC

But ! I have an error : La valeur de date ‘updatedDate’ pour le champ ‘lastViewed’ est invalide. Les formats valides comprennent : ‘aaaa/MM/jj HH:mm’, ‘aaaa-MM-jj HH:mm’, ‘aaaa/MM/jj’, ‘aaaa-MM-jj’, ou un format de période p. ex. ‘-5j’, ‘4s 2j’.

I found some topics about that, someone says it’s impossible, other that we can do it with (
But how can i convert date of updatedAt ? I tried lot of things i dont succeed… I think that the problem is the format or the 2 field, they did not match so we cant compare them !

I hope you understand coz my english is not really good =D

Thx guys !

Hi @l.poupet,

The fundamental problem you’re going to run into is that JIRA doesn’t support date comparisons in JQL:

I think this is going to be quite difficult to do, unfortunately.


Don’t know if it’s still relevant, but I’ve found an acceptable workaround for our use case, which is to add a custom field “last commenter” (one of the built in advanced fields actually). This can then be compared to “currentUser()” or filtered (“not an agent”), so you can make it show only the stuff that others have last commented on.