Filter forge logs by error

Hi all,

We have two new forge apps and we want to investigate errors in our logs. I can’t find any option to filter logs by error. Do you know how to do that? Currently, we need to download them, then filter them manually in that large text file.

Aside from that the logs are not even accessible by all developers. Any option to share them with the team?

Compared to connect apps and any other app hosting option this feels unreal. Please help me and point me to forge tickets in case to vote for these essential features.


Hello Lucas,

The first version of logs functionality does not allow for the filtering by log level on the developer console. The (no so elegant) workaround is to download them and filter on the file as you mentioned.

However, we do have two features on the roadmap to improve the log debugging functionality. The first that we are looking at is the ability to stream logs into an external tool, this would enable you to filter the logs in any way that the tool supports and to share the logs with other developers.

The second is to add more filtering and other functionality into the developer console itself along with the ability to add other developers as owners or contributors to the app. This would give other developers the ability to view the logs apart from the app owner.

Hi Rohit, thanks for coming back to this. Streaming logs into another tool and sharing them with other devs is really important. But being able to quickly filter by error and effortlessly send it to a developer is absolutely crucial. When will those things be available?
Another question regarding this; I see this “temporary” message for several weeks.

Does it mean that even by downloading we don’t get all the logs and can filter them manually by error?

@reddy1 - Is there anybody you can ping who has more insights? And could you link the FRGE tickets with the mentioned features?

Is there really no option to filter forge production logs by error? :sos:

Also, see ECOHELP-18318

@LukasGotter Sorry for the late response, been unwell. I’m checking internally on your queries and I’ll share an update soon.

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