Filtering version webhooks

We have a Jira app which consumes all the various version webhooks (jira:version_created, jira:version_updated, etc.). When we register for that event we get these webhooks for all versions/releases created in a Jira instance.
Is there some way of filtering possible so that we only get the version webhooks for specific projects?

I know that the issue webhooks have a filter property which takes a JQL to restrict the webhooks from firing for all issues as described in these docs. In the issue webhooks we check for a project property if it exists which works nice - and since a version is also project-related it would be great to have a similar functionality.

My expected solution would look sth. like this:

"webhooks": [
      "event": "jira:version_created",
      "url": "/api/version",
      "filter": "project.versionActivated = \"true\""
"jiraEntityProperties": [
      "key": "myproperty-key",
      "entityType": "project",
      "keyConfigurations": [
              "propertyKey": "myproperty",
              "extractions": [
                      "objectName": "versionActivated",
                      "type": "string",
                      "alias": "versionActivated"

Can someone point me to a solution? Or implement it for me? :wink:


Hi @matthias!

You’re right - it is not possible to filter version-related webhooks in Jira.

I’ve raised a suggestion for this improvement - [ACJIRA-2619] - Ecosystem Jira.


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