Final Notice: Removal of Jira's Get Filters Resource

The removal of non-paginated project and filter retrieval operations was announced on October 19, 2018. Details of the announcement can be viewed in

The GET /rest/api/*/filter (where * includes 2/3/latest) resource will soon be removed from the Jira REST API. To avoid any impact on customers, please ensure your app is not dependent on the GET /rest/api/*/filter resource as soon as possible . A suggested replacement is making use of the GET /rest/api/*/filter/search endpoint instead.

We would like to acknowledge that the original announcement was made a while ago, and that making changes for this endpoint will not be as simple as a 1:1 replacement. As always, we appreciate your cooperation and alignment.

Please do reach out to us here if there are any further questions or issues relating to this endpoint.


  • We will begin to phase out the endpoint on December 7, 2020 , with a complete removal of the resource by December 14, 2020 .
  • The GET /rest/api/*/project will be removed at a later date.

@kyu thanks for the heads-up on this. Would it be possible to introduce a project property filter in the new paginated search endpoint (just as is available on the issue search endpoint)?

Some of our planned app features are blocked because we are missing this feature. The only workaround that we could find would have been to use the soon-to-be-removed GET /rest/api/2/project endpoint which does support properties expansion.

The preferred solution would allow us to get a list of projects that have a certain property set (some Jira API endpoints for other entities already support this). If that’s not possible, we could implement a workaround by filtering the search result as long as it returns a requested property in the result. As mentioned in my other posts (see below) the paginated project search endpoint already returns the properties attribute but there is no way to tell the API which properties to return so it is always empty.

For further details please refer to my post in the community and the open feature request on


Hi @tbinna, thanks for reaching out. I would just like to clarify that the endpoint you’re requesting for improvement is the GET /rest/api/*/project/search endpoint? If so, I am personally not driving the the removal of that particular endpoint at the moment, but I am happy to help follow up on your open feature request on your behalf.

Thanks, @kyu that would be great and yes, my feature request is for the GET /rest/api/*/project/search endpoint. It would be great if we could filter project search results to only get those projects with a particular project property set.


Hi @kyu,

Any idea when the GET /rest/api/*/project endpoint will be removed?

I need to get the recently viewed projects in my app but it appears that isn’t supported in the GET /rest/api/*/project/search endpoint.

In this thread it says this feature will be added.

Any update on this?


@tbinna you know this already from the feature request ACJIRA-2087 you have filed.

For better reach, I’d like to share also here, that we will allow fetching a list of Jira projects that have a certain project property set. Solving this is on our short term backlog. You can watch the ACJIRA issue linked for updates.

Katarzyna Derenda
Product manager, Jira Ecosystem