Find pages with forge macro

We want to list all pages with a specific forge macro. Normally you can do this by searching for pages with a macro via wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=macro in ("iframe")&type=page.

It works for built-in macros (like “iframe”) but I can not get the search to identify my forge macros. I imagine it is because I need to search for the right combination of app key, app name, macro key and or macro name.

How can CQL be used to find a page with a specific forge macro?


Hi @MWulff,

Great question! I’ve reached out to the team to find a solution.

Will be back shortly.


.oO(I bet $2 that it is because the ADF of the pages does not contain the macroMetadata field for forge extensions so CQL cant index macroMetadata.title)

Hi @MWulff At the moment, search works for only the core (built-in) macros. We will definitely look into supporting search for forge related macros in the near future.

Please follow this thread for updates.