Find pages with forge macro

We want to list all pages with a specific forge macro. Normally you can do this by searching for pages with a macro via wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=macro in ("iframe")&type=page.

It works for built-in macros (like “iframe”) but I can not get the search to identify my forge macros. I imagine it is because I need to search for the right combination of app key, app name, macro key and or macro name.

How can CQL be used to find a page with a specific forge macro?


Hi @MWulff,

Great question! I’ve reached out to the team to find a solution.

Will be back shortly.


.oO(I bet $2 that it is because the ADF of the pages does not contain the macroMetadata field for forge extensions so CQL cant index macroMetadata.title)

Hi @MWulff At the moment, search works for only the core (built-in) macros. We will definitely look into supporting search for forge related macros in the near future.

Please follow this thread for updates.

Is there any news regarding when this is on the roadmap?

We are also very interested in this feature.
Is there any ticket tracking the current state besides this thread?

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