Find pipeline uuid of new pipelines


I am trying to use the API and webhooks to be able to summarise the state of pipelines, etc.

I want to discover a way to learn pipeline UUIDs of new pipelines as they come up.

I receive the webhook repo:commit_status_created and repo:commit_status_updated, which does tell me that pipelines are occurring… but it doesn’t have all the information I need (for example, it says that a pipeline waiting for approval has succeeded!). I can’t figure out how to get from that webhook message to the rest of the pipeline info. I could hit /repositories/workspace/repo/pipelines/uuid, and get the info - if I knew the UUID! But that isn’t in the webhook message.

Does anyone know how to get a pipeline status, when you are starting from the commit status webhook?

Alternatively, is there another way to learn of new pipelines (with their UUID)?