Find user by query API failing randomly with scope does not match error

API /rest/api/3/user/search/query is surprisingly failing with error Unauthorized; scope does not match. Occurrence of the error is so random that sometimes API call will succeed with status code 200 and sometimes it will fail with status code 401 having the same query parameter.

PS: I’m using the recommended scope: read:jira-user for the API.

@NarpatSuthar support for lenient URL path processing for OAuth 2.0 requests is being removed. Roll-out is currently at 50%.

Please see the removal notice and the deprecation notice for more details.

If you are unable to find to troubleshoot your specific case, please submit a support request.

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Hi @epehrson We are seeing same issue not sure lenient URL path meant here. I was told its the endpoint. what format endpoint we should use if so ?
@NarpatSuthar please let me know if you solved the issue and how ?
thank you

@Naresh1 please see the references I provided above. Typically, affected request URIs have either of the following forms:

  • /%2Frest%2Fapi%2F3%2Fmyself - affects only Forged apps and is caused by misuse of route-tagged templates
  • /rest/api/3/myself/ - affects all OAuth 2.0 clients, the trailing slash must be removed
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