Flask Atlassian Connect

At Sauce Labs we are kinda officially a python shop, so while I’ve always been a javascript dev (well many languages) I figured I’d take the opportunity to brush up on my python.

As such, one of my internal projects was for a simple jira plugin (which I’ll be open sourcing soon) but along the way created a very simple flask module to make doing atlassian connect stuff easier. I know there was a version made for hipchat, which I borrowed a few ideas from but this should be more jira/confluence friendly.


Right now its not on pypi so you need to install it with a direct link.



Looks good, I might be able to use that at some point. I couldn’t see on your link, can it sign API requests?

Do you mean creating the jwt token to make API calls? The Atlassian jwt module can do that. I can add an example to the docs.

its now on pypi

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Example app using the new library: https://ow.ly/gex730dmjJl