Follow up to RFC-35 Custom Domains for Confluence

@JohnHooper , @SeanBourke
We’ve just been enrolled to to RFC-35 for a few days, and the RFC is closed already.

What we see is that our app works on the new custom domain.
However when we access our app through the original domain, iframe resizing does not work, and iframes/dialogues don’t display any of our app content.

+1 on what @marc says here. We have the same problem.

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Hey @marc and @david,

Thanks for flagging this. Similar to JSM / Jira, the baseUrl should redirect to the custom domain whenever a custom domain is active. This has not yet been activated for Confluence custom domains; however when in place, will prevent direct access to the baseUrl.

Thanks all. To @SeanBourke 's point, our team is working on redirection from non-custom domains now and we plan to complete the work this quarter

Hi @JohnHooper

Can vendors assume that “complete the work this quarter” implies that this fix will be a gating item before the custom domain feature goes GA?

Also, the original RFC-35 said that a three-month deprecation period would be applied before the feature is released to customers. When did (or will this) deprecation period start, and is there a target date yet for GA?


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