For server app development, can we remove footer for our app purpose

we are developing an app for server, and the jira server app footer is causing many design challenges for us.

We have following points under consideration, does any one have any inputs regarding the following.

  • Can we remove footer for the Jira server app just for that pages of our app developed not for entire jira server application?

  • Is there any privacy policy or legal constraints related to footer removal.

  • If we can remove footer and there is not any legal or privacy policy constraint, what is the best way to remove that.

Karan Palan


If you mean your custom pages - yes you can remove it with css. Just add that css file to that page resources.

Not a legal person but - You’ll probably want to review section 3.6 of

Jira itself has pages without the footer, for example the issue search.
The footer is coming from a decorator, most likely the admin one. See:

You can try using a different decorator like
<meta name="decorator" content="atl.general"/>
or if you need other elements from Admin/current decorator hide the footer using CSS/JS