Force Atlaskit modal-dialog to fullscreen

Hi is there a way to force the Atlaskit modal-dialog to be displayed in full screen.
Now it happens automatically when viewport width is less than 480px.

Hey mate. No currently it’s not supported — however you could use a drawer which has similar semantics to a modal dialog: Drawer - Drawer - Components - Atlassian Design System


Any chances you’ll add a way to override modal styles?

Let me explain the use case.
Some user use a low resolution screen like a MacBook 13’’ and the available space for the viewport is around 600px when you exclude system or browser bars.
Additionally if you display the app in the Atlassian product iframe you endup with viewport of 600px hight. Then the 120px is subtracted by max-height: calc(-119px + 100vh); and you endup with a 480px form, where only 320px is available for the content.

In “mobile view” you get 120px more in height which is great solution for this scenario,
but a min viewport height could be detected as well - I’d say 600px and than remove top and bottom borders.

The easiest would be to allow developers to set top and bottom border to 0px in modal properties. And to force fullscreen (mobile view) on demand.

Great insight thanks @pch - I’ll pass this onto the team.

Drawer is not an option as there is no option to remove the small arrow button from the component.