Force logout users

Hi there
We are moving away from G Suite in the near future - we would like to disconnect G Suite integration.

We will, in the interim, allow users to login with username (email) and password.
Is it possible to force all current logged in users to be logged out from the administration side?

Here are the steps I plan to work through for this - please advise if it is correct:

  • Notifiication email to staff of G Suite disconnect and username password login
  • Disconnect G Suite integration on our Cloud instance
  • Send link to users to to click on “Can’t log in?” with their emal addresses to get them to reset their Atlassian passwords
  • Get users to store their passwords in a password manager
  • Going forward users can ONLY login with their username (email) and password
  • Done

Is the above correct or are there any missing steps? Is there anything advisable to do before actioning the outlined steps?

Also please confirm that the users’ Atlasssian account IDs will remain the same?

Thank you

Hi there - any update on this in particular?