Forge allow access prompt now breaks create issue UI and hides issue fields

Our popular Forge app is completely useless because of the access prompt bug.

  1. Users are shown Allow access prompt, which is fine. Problem is the description and other fields are completely hidden even when I have set to show all fields (see second screenshot)

  2. The bigger problem is that some users are not shown this Allow access prompt at all and fields are just hidden. Some are shown error when they try to give access to Forge app. When that happens, they are not able to create issue with description and other fields.

Previously, this Allow access was shown as a popup and it was just changed few days ago.

@AdamMoore maybe you could help us here? At least temp fix while we wait for this: removing-the-need-for-user-consent

Hey @chhantyal I’m having some trouble reproducing this. I even tried your app and the consent screen seems to be working as normal:

If it’s still broken, do you provide the steps to recreate?

Hi Adam, thank you for looking into this. I think you are already seeing the bug partially (screenshot is not full, so I am not 100% sure). Here is how it looks in my instance

Partially because, Jira should still show summary and description fields even when Allow access prompt is visible. Our app should not force users to allow access.

The other very important thing is that allow access and auth process is very buggy. Some users don’t see this prompt at all, some users get error when they click on that button yet summary and description fields are still hidden from them. Therefore, many users cannot create issues when our app is installed.

In the past, access prompt was pop-up on top of GIC window. That was working fine (still had bugs) but this new UI is not working at all.

Hi @AdamMoore do you have any updates on this? This issue is very critical to us, we already received numerous support requests from customers.

Hey @chhantyal sorry I’m still looking into this with the team. I’ll get back to you.

Hey @chhantyal, I see the team have responded directly to you on your ticket but for anyone else watching this thread:

  • Users will be prompted to give consent when they open the Global Issue Create screen (GIC) in a project/issue type that has been configured with a UI modification.
  • They won’t be able to see the relevant fields (e.g. description) until they give consent. This is a deliberate change because it doesn’t make sense for users to be able to opt out of some UI modifications (e.g. to make a field required).
  • It has behaved this way since November 2022.
  • There was a bug affecting consent which was fixed on the 10th of March which should have resolved issues for most users.
  • You’ve mentioned some users are still having issues, we’ll work with you on the ticket to get more details and investigate those.
    We are still working on removing the user consent step in general for Forge apps which will make this issue go away, but I appreciate we need to help out users in the interim.

Hi Adam, thanks for the update. Indeed, the issue seems to be fixed :clap: