Forge app connected with an external database

How can I connect and host an external DB with my Forge app?
Is there some documentation about this topic?
Thank you

Hi @Ivana1, you need to create an API for your database and then you can use it with Fetch API.

Thank you @AdamSuchcicki for the response,
Does Forge allow us to host DB or custom REST API in Atlassian environment?

@Ivana1 No it is not supported. Atlassian provides Storage API and Properties API. It doesn’t have features that regular databases have, but lets you store data in Atlassian environment.

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So, as I understand well @AdamSuchcicki, we can use external database and connect it with Forge with Fetch API. Is there some restrictions maybe on how and where we can host the database?

@Ivana1 It would be just like any regular backend API. The only difference is that instead of coding frontend in React/Angular/Vue, you will do it in Forge JSX. There are no restrictions as far as I know.

Have you some info about integration between Connect and Forge, because accordingly to this blog - one of the states that the app should accomplished is:
The app must host any remote-hosted data in the Atlassian Cloud.

Atlassian are in the process of building tooling that will help developers migrate data from self-hosted databases to Forge.
Is there some ticket or update on this ?

@Ivana1 This is is plans, but I don’t think we have any public tickets for it. You can review all Storage tickets here.

Can I raise a ticket here with this topic?

@Ivana1 Yes, if you can. Maybe it will be more on the radar of the management.

@Ivana1 , I wouldn’t suggest you to host your own data, as you’ll have to deal with all the security problems that come with it. Please don’t forget that Jira Cloud is multi-tenant application, meaning that you have to make sure that each tenant data is separated.

The reason that Atlassian is merging Connect to Forge is that they want to make sure that all apps meet minimum security requirements.

Why kind of data do you need to save? Why do you need a separate DB and cannot use the Jira Storage?

As for my understanding building an app with Forge means that the app is hosted by Atlassian. But what about the Database? Where is the database hosted in scenario when we don’t want to use the app storage API(, if this type of storage doesn’t meet our needs (for example is for small junks of data), so we want to use any external database.