Forge app custom alert thresholds

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Today we released the latest improvement to our Forge app monitoring experience, custom alert thresholds.

In order to improve the effectiveness of Forge app alerts, we have made some changes to allow app developers to configure their alert threshold to ensure only meaningful alerts are surfaced.

Forge app developers will now be able to configure the alert threshold for each of their apps to be automatically notified of changes regarding their app performance once the app’s invocation rate dips below a certain level, and improve response time to customer issues.

The threshold for each app can be selected on the alerts page from a set of predefined thresholds.

Learn more here:

Your feedback will be crucial for prioritising any new features, so please feel free to share it below.

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I’ve been waiting for such a feature, so thanks a lot for this christmas gift :slight_smile: THANK YOU!

In case our app fails, then it tends to do so quite sharply due to its nature:

In this case the Less than trigger condition is not ideal. Some sort of Mean-Average over a specified time-period trigger condition would be awesome to have in the future.

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