Forge app fails when including


I was working on a Forge app until I started getting errors when installing it to sites.

I narrowed it down until I checked that if the manifest includes this scope, the installation will fail.

I get any of the following error:

Error: Error sending connect plugin lifecycle event callback: A permission sync is already running on the tenant

Error: InstallationRequestFailedError

As soon as I remove the scope, I can proceed with installing, upgrading, uninstalling. No issues with deploying.

Help will be appreciated.


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I faced with the same but scope is ‘read:confluence-space.summary’

Hi @RomaBubyakin,

from what we know about these errors, they are not related a specific scope or to its addition. We are able to create an app and deploy it without any issues, as it was the case for the earlier report.

In the past, these kind of problems have been transient, would you be able to try to deploy again with all the required scopes by the app and let us know if that works?


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I’ve tried it before, but after your comment, it helped :smiley:
Cannot explain but can say ‘Thank you!’

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