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Hi Everyone,

Today we released the latest improvement to our Forge app distribution experience, enhancing the installation link feature.

When you’re ready to share your app with customers, you can currently enable sharing in the developer console. This generates an installation link which you can share with users to install on their Atlassian instance.

Previously, sharing this installation link meant that your customer could share the link with any other users and there was no way to lock down who could install your app without your knowledge or approval.

This enhancement allows you to generate new installation links upon each time you share the link with a customer. When you generate a new link, the old one no longer works in order to give you more control over your app’s distribution and who is installing your app on their Atlassian instance.

Below, you can see a screenshot of where to generate a new link to share with customers installing your app.

Learn more here:

As always, your feedback will be crucial for prioritising new features, so please feel free to share it below.

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Product Manager Forge


Could this be done programmatically? i.e. is there an API to generate the installation link?

I’m asking since our use case is such that, the installation is done via our SaaS product. We now have a static constant installation link that we display to all users that want to install our app. If we want to use this new regeneration mechanism we would need to somehow perform a call to get the new link rather than manually regenerating it.


Hey Natasha!

Apologies for the slow reply!

Right now we can’t do this programmatically, the only way to generate new installation links is through the developer console. I would suggest to manually regenerate the link via dev console and then replace the static constant link in your code.

I would like to understand your use case a bit more though, mainly around the need to regenerate installation links on a regular basis.


Hi Daniel, and thank you for your reply!

So like I said, in our use case, the installation link is displayed in our SaaS software. Clicking on the link takes our customers to the installation page in Atlassian where they complete the process.
If I understand correctly, this regeneration mechanism can help control who can use the installation link, so one thing we thought of, is that each time a customer wants to install our app we will display a unique/new installation link to make sure the link is not passed to any other user (who for example may not be our registered customer).
To that end, we would need an API call to trigger from our SaaS product.

I hope this makes sense, I’d be happy to elaborate on any question you may have!


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Hi Natasha,

Thanks for clarifying, we don’t currently have this kind of functionality planned for installation links. However, I’ll get this documented and on a backlog for any future releases with this product.

Appreciate the feedback!

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