Forge app in production keeps giving webtriger URLs from DEV

As you can see my app is in production, I can also see it in my applications dashboard. But if I request a webtrigger URL it comes back with a dev environment URL. The behavior is also present when requesting the URL from the APP

Hi @DomingoLupo,

Just to clarify, when you say dev environment URL, do you mean:

  1. Calling the production web trigger URL still invokes the development app instance, or
  2. The presence of -dev in the URL makes it look like it is a development environment URL

If number 2, then having a -dev in the URL is expected and should still invoke the production app instance. A development and production installation provides unique installation IDs; generating URLs for both environments using the unique installation IDs produces different web trigger URLs.

Hope this helps.


@ianRagudo the second one. So the -dev part is normal then, that thing got me very confused :confused:. Thank you for the clarification!

Thanks for the confirmation as well! I’m glad it is not the first one :wink:

I’ll relay the feedback to the development team in case other developers are also getting confused.


It is confusing that the URLs contain dev and hello → Upvote