[Forge app] Is it possible to get authorization code after granting access to atlasssian product?

Hi there,

We are building Forge application for Jira to enhance our product usage all over different platforms.
There is an issue standing on our way of moving towards development planning and overall investigation completion.
Besides of forge app we also gonna need our API to be able to send authorized requests to Jira Rest API and generally there is a couple of way to reach that.
First option is to share API tokens (Atlassian account) across our APIs, second make an integration using OAuth (3LO) (OAuth), there were also 1 or 2 more.
But here is the thing!, isn’t there any option to capture authorization code after “Allow” - ing

access to atlassian resources in forge app, because as I noticed our installed forge app was redirecting us to OAuth page (I guess forge apps are using OAuth under the hood anyway) to “allow access” where, if my mind does not change me, OAuth usual flow was going like this: we’re specifing “callback url” and were able get an auth code as a result.
Is it possible to specify “callback url” for forge apps? if not, is there any workaround for this, so we could somehow send authorization code to our API after user grants access in forge app?