Forge app is not appeared

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve migrated my Confluence app macroses from Connect to Forge. I did everything according to this manual, but I can not add my Forge app as a new version of app. I could publish it as a new app, but it’s not what I need.

I’ve changed my manifest and added connect plugin key.

  id: <the-unique-id-of-your-app>
    key: <your-connect-key>

Has anyone faced this issue?

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Hey, you may need to search it as “/Forge app for…”

I just had this issue with mine

Hi @MaxHaley! Couldn’t find anything on this forum that is similar to my problem. Do you know how to fix this issue?

Hey @belokurbohdan,

Before listing a Forge App as a successor to your Connect app, you’ll need to ensure that you also enable sharing and distribution via the Developer Console.

There are a few things to consider if you’re making the jump to Forge:

  1. The initial move will be a major upgrade for customers, meaning that an admin will have to approve the upgrade before it is available on their Confluence workspace.
  2. It sounds like you may be utilising macros in Confluence. There are considerations to be made regarding the migration of saved macros from Connect to Forge. The ability to support these migrations for macros is currently in EAP and will require you to opt-in.
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