Forge app keeps asking to allow defined scopes


I’ve started writing a confluence forge app to play with the framework. The app adds a simple contentAction but when I click, it keeps asking to allow the defined scopes.

I’ve tried to uninstall/resinstall and even delete the app and restart from scratch, but it keeps happening.

Any idea what I could have done wrong ?

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Hi @SbastienDelcoigne ,
Trying to understand a little bit more. So, you have installed your app and when you go to confluence and click the allow button and give permission to the app the request fails? Do you see any error in the network tab of your browser?
Can you please share the app id and forge environment name you are installing the app to? You can find the app id in your manifest file. Would be great to get the link of your app codes repository.
Please DM me if you are not comfortable sharing any of the details here.