Forge app lifecycle events


I’m developing an app that needs something like a Connect app lifecycle event. It needs to create an object in storage once it’s installed. Something like installed or enabled.
I’ve looked at the documentation and this forum, but I can’t find anything that would take me in the right direction. So, is there something similar to app lifecycle events? If not, is there a plan for them (I haven’t seen anything in Forge roadmap Trello either)?

THanks in advance

Hi @ChupaCabra

Forge doesn’t support lifecycle events like Connect does yet. I agree that this is very useful and it will be something that will be added to Forge eventually, although I don’t have a timeline or ETA on when this might be added to the roadmap.

As a workaround, you could look a doing a lazy initialisation of your storage needs when the app is first invoked.

I have created FRGE-274 to track this requirement, and I have asked the team to add information to that issue if we have any timeline information we can share.


Thanks for the info. Lazy init is how we’re doing it for now, just thought there might be something I missed.

Looki forward to the feature whenever it comes.