Forge app missing issue panel and issue activity


We are encountering an error using Forge CLI version 4.1.1, where we no longer see the issue panel and issue activity of our application. We did not change any library on our side.
We have noticed that version 4.2.0 was released today, we tried to upgrade to this version, but our issue was not resolved.

Can you please assist us with the following:


All of our customers face the same issue with our Forge app Easy Issue & Subtask Templates for Jira.

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Hi @AmitLacher / @JulianWolf ,

We’re currently having some issues with Forge apps in the eu-central region, you can follow Atlassian Developer Status - Extension discovery is impacted in eu-central region for updates.

Apologies for the inconvenience,


Thanks for the info, hopefully it will be resolved soon.


Defined dns of google ( and cloudflare ( as secondary and it helped me with the problem.

It can be used until problem will be fixed.

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