Forge App Not Showing In UPM, can't uninstall it


I experimented with forge and installed an forge app multiple times on a testing site, switching between different in the manifest and different logins to try out our CI integration.

The app is installed, but it doesn’t show up in UPM. I’m not sure under what it was installed and I might lost the as I was just experimenting.

Update: In general it doesn’t seem to show Forge apps in UPM on our staging wiki: Is there a setting or setup thing which prevents forge apps to show up in UPM.

So, I’m stuck with a app I can’t remove. Is there a way to do it? Like a rest API.


I could uninstall the app via Forge CLI.

  1. I went to
  2. I found the app registration there. I added that to the manifest.yml
  3. Ran forge uninstall to remove the app

It is still a mystery why Forge apps do not show up in UPM on our staging Confluence instance.

It’s a mystery to me too. It should absolutely have shown up. Are you sure that you did not accidentally install it into Jira? :slight_smile:

The app is installed and working in Confluence ;). But no entry in UPM =(

Interesting… Can you look at the Network tab of the developer console when viewing Manage Apps and show the graphql response you get with the apps? Maybe provide the traceid header too?

It seems the plugins are listed with

Traning ids:
atl-traceid: aeaf2a8ae1db16a3

I’ve attached a request HAR trace, with stripped out cookies.

missing-forge-listing.json.txt (397.3 KB)