Forge App trigger for Jira delete event on issue/comment


Specifically on Forge App trigger module for Jira, in the event of a user deleting an issue or comment, we are hoping to receive such event through a hook so that our app could process further.

Based on the documentation, there wasn’t any relevant hook to the described intent above (, was expecting something like:

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I was looking at this trigger as well, does anyone has alternative solution to detect comment deletion event?

Hi @leonwongie and @KarChunNg ,

I have created FRGE-676: Provision of Jira issue deleted event and FRGE-677: Provision of Jira comment deleted event to request these features.



Hi guys,

Currently, Forge do not support deleted product events where we need to check the permissions for the deleted resource such as avi:confluence:created:page or avi:jira:deleted:issue. However, we do have plan to add these events in FY23.

Zwii Doan.

For those who aren’t Atlassians, “FY23” means after July 2022.

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