Forge App vs Connect App in regards to Webhooks

Hi all,

I’ve been reading a lot of different documents on this site. I have the task for creating an app that will register webhooks and extend some custom UI. I initially went with ConnectApp because it is supported in Marketplace. However, if we use Forge, we don’t have to host the app. My question is, can Forge app support webhooks. Can the trigger event in Forge be used as a substitute for webhooks? Like when an issue is created, I send a post request to some external api with the issue object.

I’m a complete beginner, so forgive me if the question is a bit dumb.


Hi @DatWebb
Yes, trigger events in Forge can be used to invoke your Forge app. You can subscribe to one or more product (Jira and confluence) event via the manifest.yml file. Here’s a tutorial you might find useful on creating an app that responds to issue created events in Jira.

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Thank you @LucyChen for the pointers. I’ll look at that.

@LucyChen Can trigger events be used for Custom UI?