Forge application is not working in some laptop/PC's

I have developed a forge application and it’s working fine in few laptops , but in some laptop it’s showing the error in the following image , even that pc where it is showing this error now , it was previously working fine there as well , and i literally didn’t change anything not in the code not anywhere but now it simply doesn’t work , I didn’t try uninstalling reinstalling the app , cause i want what led this to happen.
The same app is working fine in other instances , and i didn’t any errors in my developer console either
My account credentials everything are the same in both the pc’s , but in one it works in the other it doesn’t

Hi @random1knd

Could you please share info about your systems where its working and where it isn’t? Like OS, browser and browser version.

Also, could you share the logs from developer console of your Forge app when you see this error? Please try to cut out any sensitive info there might be in the log. Otherwise, you can report this as a bug in our developer portal.

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Thankyou for the reply, so the app is working fine now , and I have done nothing to make it work
The app was not functioning previously in chrome browser windows os , (windows 10 pro , chrome - 112.0.5615.138) , I tested it on other machine but I don’t have access to it right now , but it was a windows pc too.
and it was working fine in windows 11 pc with chrome version - 112.0.5615.138 , it was also working on ubuntu linux machine chrome browser
I have checked it on few other machines , but i don’t have access to them right now , it worked one PC and was not working in other one .
so in total of four I checked , it was working in two and was not working in two,
And there were no error logs , no logs at all in developer console