Forge avi:jira:created:issue emits wrong changelog


When a JPD idea is being created using “create idea” button (see the screenshot), an event of type avi:jira:updated:issue is being fired. However, there are two problems with this behavior:

  1. It is in fact not an avi:jira:updated:issue event, but avi:jira:created:issue event.
  2. avi:jira:updated:issue emits wrong changelog.

This makes nearly impossible to handle this event correctly. In my case, I want to get the summary from event payload, but when creating an idea its changelog doesn’t include any changelog item for summary field (however as it is the new idea and summary didn’t exist before, it should have included in changelog), instead it includes item of “rank”.

Below is the example of the changelog, which doesn’t make sense:

"changelog": {"id":"11903","items":[{"field":"Rank", "fieldtype":"custom", "fieldId":"customfield_10019", "from":"", "fromString":null, "to":"", "toString":null }]}

Can you please fix this behavior, ideally allow it make it emit avi:jira:created:issue event, or add summary to changelog?

Thank you!

Hello Robert,

unfortunately I don’t see any screenshot, but I assume you mean the button labelled “Create an idea” in a list view. I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem though and was able to log out a created event as well. To verify this works you can also open up the same list view in two tabs and add an idea in one of them. The other one should pick it up based on the create event.

The update event that you see is an actual rank change. This makes sure the issue is actually ranked on top of the list on the backend as well. Since the API does not support this in the create request, we are actually doing two operations when adding an idea to a list.

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Hi Martin,

You are right, in fact, my idea creation action emits two events, avi:jira:created:issue avi:jira:updated:issue. While testing I did not notice the first create event, only noticed the second update event. Sorry for the lapse, my bad!