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In the applications in our team, we implement testing on branches. Unfortunately, we have a problem implementing this for the Forge application. There are development, staging and production environments. What if we want to submit for testing two tasks executed on two branches?
Should we register two applications in forge or are there any better ways to solve this problem?

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Hi @MateuszKorczyski

It’s hard to answer this question without more context, but I’ll try to give it a shot.

First, your team may already have multiple registrations for your Forge app: one per developer. (And with a master account or shared account representing the real or “main” application registration. At least, that’s how a lot of teams have things set up out of necessity.) If that’s the case, then you may be able to design a team workflow that uses each developer’s personal “staging” and/or “production” environments for feature branch testing. For example:

  • Developer implements and tests their feature in their personal Forge ‘development’ environment
  • When ready, they push their changes to their personal ‘staging’ environment and submit it for testing
  • If testing passes, the changes are merged to the shared ‘development’ or ‘staging’ environment.

An alternative method would be to only use the shared “development” environment for formal feature testing, and only test changes post-integration. This approach would probably be much easier to manage, but I understand it may not work for your team’s processes.

I hope this is helpful. If not, providing more context about your team’s process may help. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer @AaronMorris1!
Is there any chances to activate installation link by cli or curl without clicking on this input:


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Hi @MateuszKorczyski – You should be able to use the CLI to install to new Jira sites without clicking in a web page…at least that’s how it used to work. Try the forge install command. Something like:

forge install -p Jira -s

Of course, the Atlassian account that you’ve used to log into the CLI must be an admin in that Jira site.

P.S. Sorry for the delayed reply.

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Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, installing the app does not solve my problem. I need to provide the possibility for other users to test the application. Now the installed app having permissons is not available to other users unless we set the sharing of the app by manually setting it on: It would greatly facilitate the ability to share applications with forge cli, which would return an installation link.