Forge CLI version 5.1.1 - 28th Sept 2022

We’ve released version 5.1.1 of the Forge CLI. This update includes:

:tada: Keyboard shortcuts support for following Forge Confluence modules:

  • confluence:contentAction
  • confluence:contentBylineItem
  • confluence:contextMenu
  • confluence:globalPage
  • confluence:globalSettings
  • confluence:homepageFeed
  • confluence:spacePage
  • confluence:spaceSettings

Adding a keyboard shortcut to your Forge app will allow for greater accessibility and client adoption by bringing your modules a keystroke away.

:tada: UI modifications is a Forge module that allows apps to modify fields on the Global issue create modal. You can now use the new Field API methods, setReadOnly and isReadOnly, to set fields to read-only and check their read-only status.

:hammer_and_pick: The jira:customField module on the Create issue dialog will no longer offer a modal experience for custom UI. Instead, the edit entry point will be rendered directly on the Create issue dialog.

Run npm install -g @forge/cli@latest on the command line to install the latest version of @forge/cli .


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