Forge confluence app to remote backend testing locally

Hi experts,

I am building a remote backend to integrate with my forge confluence app ( If I run the remote backend in developer mode (i.e. on my local machine - http://localhost), can I then somehow make my forge app send request to this local instance?
I have ‘forge tunnel’ working however when I specify http://localhost:3001 as the remote’s baseUrl I get an error when doing ‘forge deploy’ regarding ‘content security and egress’.

Hi @vandana

Thanks for reaching out about this.

In order for Forge remote requests to reach your machine during testing, you must expose your locally running remote server to the internet with a public URL. We have a brief mention of this in the documentation here, although it’s admittedly easy to miss.

You will need to update the remote baseUrls in the frontend app manifest to point to your own backend services. Your own reference backends must be accessible from the internet, as requests to them will be sent from the Forge platform.

You can use a service like ngrok to establish a tunnel from the internet to your locally running backend server. This is completely independent to the Forge tunnel, which only tunnels requests for your Forge app’s functions to your local machine, however Forge remote requests are outside of the Forge platform completely and are not covered by Forge tunnel.