Forge Confluence Macro configuration not working


I’ve been working on a macro following the feedback-collector example. All was working fine with the macro itself, but I just tried to add it on a new page.

Just as in the example, the macro requires initial configuration. But when I try to load the configuration I get this screen:
Schermafbeelding 2021-11-03 om 12.39.53

My code for the config:

const Config = () => {
    console.log("Preparing the config form")
    const [ projects ] = useState(fetchProjects);
    const [ issueTypes ] = useState(fetchIssueTypes);
    // Note it's possible to select a combination of issue/project type that doesn’t exist.
    // This could be addressed by validation after submitting the form.
    return (
        <Select label="Project" name="projectKey">
          { => {
            return (
                label={`${} (${project.key})`}
                value={project.key} />
        <Select label="Issue type" name="issueTypeId">
          { => {
            return (
              <Option label={} value={} />
        <UserPicker label="Assign to" name="assignee" />
        <RadioGroup label="Set reporter as" name="reporter">
          <Radio label="Current user" value="author" />
          <Radio label="Anonymous" value="anonymous" />

  export const config = render(<Config />);

The manifest

    - key: management-utils-create-issues
      function: main
      title: Create Issues
      description: Auto-create issues from Confluence
        function: config
    - key: main
    - key: config
      handler: index.config

It all used to work fine before, but now it’s failing. Any idea what went wrong?

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Found the answer myself - The old configuration doesn’t work anymore, updating forge UI to 0.5.0 or above & replacing ConfigForm with MacroConfig did the trick.


Hello! Examples are very frustrating if they don’t work.

Thank you @JoachimBollen for this post.

This answer should be in bold print at the top of the README file.

Isn’t Confluence supposed to be about maintaining documentation…blah,blah,blah!!!