Forge Confluence macro not available on legacy editor

Hi all,

i’ve developed a page-version tool as confluence-forge-macro (UI-Kit). The customer has a lot of pages in the legacy-editor format. But the forge-macro is not available on the legacy-editor pages.

My Question:
Is this a bug or a feature? I didn’t found anything about this issue in the documentation. Is there anything i can do, to use the macro in legacy-editor pages.

Turning all pages into the actual editor version is not acceptable by the customer, because they’ve many, many pages using the legacy format and on the other hand they will using legacy-macros wich will not run with the new format.

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Hey Gunther,

Unfortunately, Forge apps won’t work with the legacy editor. It’s not really a feature or a bug, just that the legacy editor is in maintenance mode and all new features and enhancements will be made in the new editor (which includes support for Forge).

Thanks for raising the lack of clarity in the documentation, I’ll raise it with our content team.

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Hey Adam,

What will the migration path be for customers coming from server/DC? As all content is migrated to the legacy editor, does this prevent any app that has a pre-existing server/dc offering from ever becoming exclusively a Forge app? My reading is that app vendors who also haven’t yet created a cloud offering of a server product also couldn’t start building with Forge.


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Hey @AdamMoore , any chance for some guidance on this :point_up: Cheers!