Forge Confluence Modules

Hi there! I am new to atlassian development and i’ve got a beginner’s question:
What Confluence Module do i use to create a component that is visible on top of every page at all times.
For example: Chat Component, Custom Navigation bar, …

Hi @AmeurKhemissi Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community.

There isn’t a module you would use to add to the structure of a page (ie a floating chat widget in the lower right or a global nav bar.)

However you can tie into existing modules to achieve something similar.

For chat I might use the Custom Content Module

For Custom Navigation I might use Global Page to have a page of navigation items that is linked to from the main navigation bar

It would be great if you could let us know what you’re use case is.

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Hello @rwhitbeck,

thank you for the answer.
At the moment i am just learning all kind of stuff that can be done to extend confluence / jira. I don’t have any specific use cases yet. I just saw some apps on the atlassian marketpalce that are able to place items on atlassian main UI and i had the question if this behaviour could be achieved using forge. After doing some research i found out that theses apps are based on the webpanels module of connect and the “atl.general” location.
After few days of trial i really liked forge due to its simplicity and it would be nice to have a module that extends the UI at the above mentioned location.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll share this feedback with the Confluence Ecosystem team.