Forge connect key changes causes deploy/install errors

I am trying to make jira:jiraEntityProperties work with Forge app, so fiddling with manifest.yml (according to Trying to get search for an issue property set by a customfield in Forge but without success yet). I have observed:

  • When an app has been deployed with app.connect, then removing app.connect later causes deploy error.
  • When an app has been deployed with a certain app.connect.key, then changing the app.connect.key causes:
    • forge unistall fails. I have to uninstall with the old app.connect.key.
    • Deploy is OK, but forge install fails with the changed app.connect.key.

So, my app must have the same app.connect.key forever (it cannot be removed, too). I miss some feature how to completely wipe out the DEVELOPMENT deployment, so I can start with the app from the scratch.

Update: I have deleted my app in (Settings - Delepe app), then re-registered the app by forge register (got new and then deploy + install went OK.

Just the forge register has deleted app.connect part of my manifest.yml.

Hi @OndejMedek ,

Thanks for trying out connect-on-forge. The inability to change the key is a known limitation that we’re working on right now. You can follow this ticket for updates.

The fix should also enable you to remove the app.connect.key (assuming you don’t have any connect modules).