Forge Custom field associated to People record - is this possible?

I’ve completed the tutorials and examples for the creation of custom fields with Forge, like this one. Quite logical and straightforward.

But the custom field I’d like to create is a property of a Person record (something associated to each Team member).

Another custom record I would need in my app is associated to the overall Project (a piece of information associated to the whole project).

And another custom record would be at the Sprint level.

Can this be done? In the examples I can only see them working for Issue records.

Thanks a lot!

Right now custom fields can be associated only with issues. It could define how they work in a given context define by project(s) and issue types(s). Right now Forge doesn’t offer extension points on bords and user’s personal data. We are going to add more extension points. Boards and user data are on our radar still not yet on the roadmap and dates are unknown. Once we closed the list of incoming extension points it will be announced and visible on public roadmap