Forge Custom Field/Custom UI Pop-up Error

I have a Forge custom field using Custom UI that has been working solid for over a year. However, suddenly today the error below started showing up on the Create Issue Popup in Jira. The field works fine in other contexts, just not the create issue popup. Here’s the relevant section from the manifest:

    - key: altec-forge-field-validator
      name: Altec Forge Field Validator
      description: A custom field type to support Altec field validation through an external API
      type: string
      collection: list
      function: main
        resource: editCustom
        function: configureContext
        function: customUIResolver
    - key: main
      handler: index.runView
    - key: configureContext
      handler: index.runContextConfig
    - key: customUIResolver
      handler: resolver.handler
  - key: editCustom
    path: static/field-validator-edit/build

The error

This is still an issue for me. I have made a request on the Atlassian support site, but they said they do not provide support for development questions or requests. So I guess I do not have any other avenues to pursue a resolution beyond this post. Anybody out there?

Hi @ZaneKellogg

I am reaching out to our team about this issue. Will let you know as soon as I have an update.

Could you please share trace ID, invocation ID and app ID for further investigation? You can message me directly.

Hi. I got an update from the team. This change could be related to a deprecation that happened around that time - Jira issue glance module in Forge or Connect app being deprecated and replaced.

To fix this, you can update your Forge UI package and try out inline experience using issue context.

Hope this helps.

Hey, thank you for your response. According the to documentation you provided the deprecation notice was sent in March, but it’s not actually deprecated until 10/2023. I do not believe this is the issue.

Apologies. My bad. I have got this confused with some other issue. I will get back to you.

Hi @ZaneKellogg,
Could you please tell me if you get this custom field error on view mode or during edit mode?

Magdalena Lidia Rogulska

Hello @ZaneKellogg ! Actually @aagrawal2 link not correct depraction notice: and yes we recently introduce the change to remove “modal” expierience from issue create.

Actually after deeper investigation, we found out the root cause. For some reason you and some other users were served wrong expierience (“modal” instead of “inline”) and with removing the modal expierience the problem you expierienced was introduced. It should be fixed in following days and you should be able to interact wiht the field, but be aware that the UX will be different.

We are really sorry for all the invoconvience that you had because of that and we are looking forward to your reply that everything works as expected.

@MagdalenaRogulska During issue creation only.

@KamilRichert That is great news, thank you for letting me know. I just tested the fields and they are in good working order now. Thank you for helping me run this down!

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