Forge Custom Field Module Data Type not Correct on Advanced Issue Search Page

Forge custom field module data type not correct on the advanced issue search page.
String and user types are correctly displayed but number and datetime are not.

    - key: CountComments
      name: Comment Count
      description: Comment Count Custom Field
      type: number
      readOnly: true
      function: commentCount
    - key: FirstCommentDate
      name: First Comment Date
      description: First Comment Date Custom Field
      type: datetime
      readOnly: true
      function: fCDate

Hi @yagizhan14. Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:
@MagdalenaRogulska @kkercz could you please take a look at this?

Type number is handled correctly, for all I know the same kind of input is used for other number fields. Type datetime indeed should have a date-time picker input component. Thanks for the report, we’ll look into improving it.


Hi, @kkercz thanks for the information. I will be waiting for future improvements.

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Hi @yagizhan14. Fix for date-time picker has been delivered and it should work better now. Thank you for your patience.