Forge custom fields and new issue view

as I see, there is no support for forge custom fields on the new issue view.
Is it an oversight/bug or there are plans to provide support for this type of modules later?
If second one, when can we expect the support will be added?


We are currently releasing the Forge support for the new create issue dialog. It should be available soon. You can track it here


Hi Jakub,
the problem was gone but occurred again. We reported this problem once again here:

We followed up on this issue with the engineering team and it looks like a fix is in a PR and making it’s way through to deploy. Looks like they expect it to be available by tomorrow.

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Hi @RichardHamilton,

The fix has reached all production instances now and my tests show that I can create the issues when using the new Issue Create experience now.

Let us know if that’s not the case.

Thank you again for flagging this,


Thank you. Confirmed, everything works fine now.