Forge Custom Fields not showing


I’m not able to show the Forge Custom Fields on any of my issues. I’m using JIRA cloud and have different projects with different templates: software and business project.
I’m deploying the Risk Assessment Custom Field example.
I’m able to assign the custom field to the screens with following steps:

  • Go the the list of custom fields.
  • Find the Risk assessment custom field.
  • Click the more menu, and then select Associate to Screens .
  • Check the screens you want to use the field on, and then click Update .

Risk Assessment field is assigned to all screens. However, when I edit any issue type in any of the above jira project templates, still I do not see the fields.

Also had this issue with several other examples. Any help and suggestion what might be an issue?

forge version 4.3.1

Thanks in advance.

Hello @PredragTasevski ,

Can you check whether your project is a team-managed project or a company-managed project. If it is a team-managed project then that explains why the custom field is not showing up since Forge’s jira:customField module can only be used in Jira company-managed projects.


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Hi @iragudo,

Thanks a bunch. I can confirm that now it is working. Thanks a bunch! I just checked the documentation and somehow I missed the information on Updated notes section.

Thanks a bunch! :pray:t3:

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You’re welcome, @PredragTasevski. Glad to know it is working for you now.