Forge Custom UI issue panel is running fine in next-gen project but not in classic

Hello team,

something strange is happening with my application. I have deployed it to an internal premium productive instance as staging environment for some tests and I face the following problem.

While in my development instance the application is working perfectly (classic & next-gen), in the productive instance is working correct only in next gen and not in classic. This does not make any sense to me.

In the browser console I get errors like:

What isDepovsProject even mean? Any ideas about this issue? Anybody got the same?


PS. excuse me if this is not the right place to post something like this

Hello Christos,

I can see GET request to with 404 Not Found error in my developer environment Jira cloud instance.

I didn’t care too much about that error because sometimes I can see in my browser console some weird messages which are, I believe, not related to my code at all. But now, after seeing you have real troubles with it, I am interested for the future.


Hey @kbujacek,

thanks for the info. I am quite new to the forge env. so I still learn. What I don’t understand is, how is it possible to happen something like this. My code takes advantage of the Atlassian cloud Rest APIs. and as long as they work fine in a dev env. theoretically, it should work in any other.

I hope an Atlassian reach this topic :slight_smile:

@kbujacek for your interest. I created some logs and I have found something.

For some strange reason, the promise from the API returns an undefined value for the classic projects in the production instance, while for the next-gen is ok. This is really something that I still don’t understand.

So from my perspective, I don’t believe it has to do with the browser.

Solution > it was all about project permissions. Case is closed :slight_smile:

Isn’t displaying an error message in the browser console, instead of handling the error properly, a bug?

@kbujacek this was exactly my problem. [FRGE-212] App permissions on Jira projects and Confluence spaces for asApp authentication are not configured after Forge app installation - Ecosystem Jira :slight_smile:

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