Forge Custom UI Javascript Events, communicate between IFrames


I’m curious if in Forge, we have something similar to Events in Atlassian Connect Javascript API.
I want to make some communication between my Macros on a Confluence page, both of them run on Custom UI.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen, currently this isn’t possible, but we’re definitely interested in making this possible in Forge soon.

Could you help us understand what your use case is for communicating between Custom UI macros?

Hi @kchan, the use case is:

I have two kinds of macro:

  • The first one renders only a Button, this acts as a trigger, and will emit an event on click
  • The other kind is a normal Macro where we collect the user’s input (via config params). This one will not render anything to the confluence page but will listen for the event emitted by the trigger above, then it will open a Dialog where we get and display the data of the current macro.
    We can have many of them on a confluence page and depending on the data provided via the emitted event, we will decide which one will open the dialog.

Do you have any plan of when this feature will be released? I need this information very soon, because of the customer’s need.

Thank you!

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Let me check with the team and get back to you. I believe this is on the roadmap for our team, but that means in the range of a few months.


Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen,

Just letting you know that we’re about to begin a project to close the gap between the Connect and Forge Custom UI JavaScript APIs (i.e. bridge).

I’ll pass this request onto the project lead to help ensure this feature is included.

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