Forge deploy error - network related?

I am receiving the attached error when trying to deploy an app to development. This only started on Saturday morning (13th), Sydney time. My broadband speed is approx 60 mbps download and 10 mbps upload. To deploy, etc, I’ve needed to create a virtual server in Azure (Australia East zone). This works fine


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Hey Ian,

I’m sorry to hear that - network connectivity issues can be quite a rabbit hole.

If it was from a different server on the same network, that’d lead me to believe it’s related to the network configuration on your machine - ECONNRESET usually indicates a connection issue which could be a speed or drop out issue, but could also be a firewall / proxy / VPN setting.

Since the Azure server is outside your network, it could also be an ISP or network setting.

Usually the first thing I try is to either:

  • Turning off my VPN (only applicable if you’re using one) as this is often a common source of issues.
  • Connecting to the internet by tethering to my mobile device and trying again - this helps narrow down whether the issue is with the ISP / Network or the machine.

I hope this helps you get to the bottom of the issue

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